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Got a glass or glazing question?

For your convenience we have put together some handy frequently asked questions and answers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance.

Q: What is the minimum U Value for a 28mm new double glazed unit?
A: To meet a U value of 1.7 4mm-20-4K is the specification required on a new 28mm sealed unit.

Q: What is the minimum requirement for table top glass?
A: A fully supported table has a minimum requirement of 6mm toughened, with all edges polished.  An unsupported table has a minimum requirement of 10mm annealed glass.

Q: What is minimum requirement for Juliet Balcony/Balustrades?
A: Regulations are 8mm toughened and heat soaked with all edges polished.  However, we recommend using 10-15 mm toughened/heat soaked glass.

Q: What thickness of mirror is required to sit inside a tiled space?
A: Tiles are usually 6mm thick, therefore we recommend using 6mm thick mirror.

Q: What type of glass is used for painted splashback?
A: We recommend using 6mm low iron toughened glass for this purpose as the low iron glass will reflect the true colour of the paint.  Float glass can be used, however it will change the colour of
the paint as there is a green tint in float glass.

Q: What glass is required when re-glazing glass in doors?
A: All glass in doors and any glazing below 800mm for the floor needs to be safety glass. This will be either laminated or toughened.

Q: What is used for sticking up mirrors?
A: We recommend using a low modulus silicone.

Q: What are the minimum regulation for a 24mm new double glazed unit?
A. In order to comply with building regulations, the minimum specification
should be 4mm-16.4mm K with argon gas. This would achieve a Uvalue of 1.30

Q: What is the minimum thickness of Double Glazed Unit.
A. The minimum thickness of double glazed unit is 14mm overall 4-6-4

Q: What thickness should a shower screen be?
A. Shower screens can be 8-10mm Toughened depending on the channelling etc.

Q: What types of antique silver to stock?
A. We actually stock 4mm & 6mm light antique silver. However, we have a
number of other various antique silver that we obtain if required

Q: Do you stock antique glass?
A. We stock a large number of antique glass. The most common clear
antique glass is 3mm or 5mm drawn sheet or P1 polish antique. We have the
largest stained glass and old glass factory in SE London